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Asbestos Removal

Dealing with asbestos issues requires a serious game plan with the necessary expertise. Whether your project requires total removal of ACM`S or Encapsulation, our team has the training, equipment and knowledge necessary to do it promptly and safely.

Mould Removal

Mould is a problem that may exist in a home or workplace where the conditions are right to support its growth. Whether through flooding of a space or in an area that permits extreme moisture problems, mould can pose health risks to all people in general but especially those who may have compromised immune systems, the elderly or to young children. Our staff, working in conjunction with air quality testing firms, has the training and expertise necessary to rid your environment of this potentially dangerous invader properly and effectively.

Reinstatement of New Building Materials

When remediation work has been performed at a project and building materials are properly disposed off due to contamination, Eliminator Environmental offers the home owner, the project or property manager the seamless opportunity to reinstate all building materials to its original condition. By having a skilled staff and variety of professional contractors readily available, we ensure that the time factor, inconvenience to individuals and cost are keep as minimal as possible.

Water Damage/ Odor Control

Having completed training and obtaining certification from the IICRC in water damage and odor control, Eliminator Environmental offers a professional service from the moment we are on site until the water damage remediation / odor control problem has been properly completed. Through communication and proper documentation, it is our goal to get the affected environment back to normal conditions as quickly and safely as possible.

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